Protection Detail

Your boss, the Ambassador, seems to enjoy making your job a constant challenge. He has out done himself this time. Meeting with the so called Sultan is bad enough. Meeting with him on his own turf is just asking for trouble. Too bad you have no choice in the matter. This One Shot is not … Read moreProtection Detail

A Simple in and Out

As a team of independent operators, you specialize in doing what no one else wants to do or thinks can be accomplished, or both. Occasionally though, easy money comes knocking. All the monk is asking of you is to escort of few of his brothers from their monastery in a civil war torn region to … Read moreA Simple in and Out

On Trappings

It's a Trap

One of the core concepts of Savage Worlds is Trappings. Like most things, Trappings are easy to understand, once you understand them. Until then, they can cause quite a few huhs? They are really quite simple though. A Trapping is simply the color text that goes with a mechanic. The mechanics most often found to … Read moreOn Trappings

One system to rule them All.

One Ring

Role playing broadly consists at the intersection of player interaction with the environment and the mechanic. The environment consists of the players character, the characters of the other players and the world that the referee is painting. That last bit, the world painted by the referee, is rather large. I include in that any non … Read moreOne system to rule them All.

All things have a beginning

This may not be the beginning of this adventure, but it is getting the credit.   I have been kicking around this idea for about a year now… but, wait. Let me explain what this is first. I rather dislike it when people droll on assuming the reader knows what they are talking about.   … Read moreAll things have a beginning

Splintered Realities