Considering joining a megagame? See what previous players have said about Den of Wolves from Splintered Realities.

“I loved this megagame! Control made the experience of adapting to online megagames seamless and easy. The players were a lot of fun and everyone was extremely friendly. I cannot wait to play my next online megagame and hopefully, it will be with this group!”

– Stephanie

“Smoothest megagame I’ve ever attended”

– Alexey

“Probably the most dramatic ending to a game of Den of Wolves I’ve ever seen! The backend was super slick and it it was a real moment of drama when you flicked all the safeties off and clicked JUMP.”

– BeckyBecky

“Great fun, would betray the survivor fleet again”

– Patrick

“Organized madness in the best possible way”

– Neil

“@INC The Vulcan has pulled alongside the Shepherd and is aiming weapons batteries. We are broadcasting on all channels: ‘Power down all systems immediately and prepare to be boarded or we will open fire’.”

– Sam

“Whilst we didn’t accomplish what we set out to do, what we set out to do was wholly unethical, and what we ended up doing was truly chaotic and excellent fun.”

– Pete


– Patrick

“It’s definitely a thing worth spending a day on!”

– Madeline

“This was an incredible, immersive experience. I felt the tension of the WOLF fleet on our heels the entire game, and it was a ton of fun to balance immediate priorities with the big picture for the good of the fleet. This was my first megagame, and I’m hooked!”

– Lindsey

Splintered Realities