Moon Outpost Down

The Wymer Corporation has lost contact with its research facility on the moon and requested Witzfigur Corp, with the closest lunar facility, to send a team to investigate. You and your mates are happy for a break from your normal routine. Your bosses back on Earth are excited to learn what research goes on at the mysterious facility. What horrible disaster has occurred at the Wymer Corporation facility? What dark secrets will you uncover? Will they turn you and your mates against each other?

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Guardians of the Temple of Light

After millennia of searching, the mythical Temple of Light has been located on the remote wartorn planet of Genep. The Elders of the Order of Erudition have dispatched your team of scholars with all due haste to learn the secrets of this relic of ancient times. Traveling across lightyears, with no support aside your wits and what support you can cajole on Genep, can you unravel the Temples secrets before the conflict on Genep consumes the Temple and relegates the knowledge within to history? Wil

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Splintered Realities features a variety of adventures designed to be played in one sitting, taking four(ish) hours. Including all necessary pre-generated characters, maps, and color text suggestions, you are ready to throw dice right away. A healthy dose of your imagination is suggested.

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Splintered Realities