Splintered Realities proudly presents Den of Wolves by John Mizon.

Once you have a ticket for Den of Wolves at MegaCon Saturday, March 20, 2021, complete the Role Request form here. This will ensure you receive access to the Discord server and game materials prior to the start of the game. Failure to do so will greatly diminish both your and the other players’ game experience.

Den of Wolves coming to you virtually on Saturday, March 20, 2021, at 11 AM CST as part of MegaCon. Tickets available soon.

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The 11 AM CST start time is for pre-game training. We ask that all players are in place at this time. All efforts are being made to minimize pre-game time. Exact game run time will depend on this and how the game progresses. The endpoint will be determined by in-game events.

Den of Wolves is a game about the interactions between politics and survival during a time of crisis. Players represent the vessels in the “Survivor Fleet” – a group of surviving vessels fleeing from a catastrophic attack by a ruthless enemy. These vessels are trying to survive in the midst of a crisis. Some players are civilians whilst others are representing government and military elements of the fleet. This game is about interactions between all of these different entities as they attempt to survive.

The game blends both ‘Political’ (talking and negotiating) and ‘Operational’ (decisions, units and resources) gameplay. Some roles are exclusively Political, while others have a much greater focus on Operational matters. In general, players should expect a significant amount of resource management and player-to-player negotiation and discussion, with a small amount of unit positioning and combat.

The ‘Den of Wolves’ concept and work is the intellectual property of, and are Copyright of, John Mizon (2018).

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