Den of Wolves Tech Requirments

To ensure a quality experience for both you and your fellow players, please check that your home setup meets the below requirements. Keep in mind you will be online communicating with your fellow players both verbally and in writing for approximately eight hours. Not testing your setup before game time will decease your chances of having a fun game.

A stable internet connection.

Microphone and headphones, preferably an integrated headset. Check that your setup does not cause feedback.

A towel. You don’t go anywhere without your towel, correct?

Our custom built game interface is only guaranteed to work in an up to date version of Chrome, Edge, or Firefox. It is strongly recommended you use ONLY one of these three.

While you can use Discord effectively in the browser, the Discord app brings several advantages and is recommended.

While it might be possible to participate in Den of Wolves using a phone or tablet as your primary screen, we strongly recommend against this. There is just too much information for you to manage and keep track of. Attempting to do this using either a tablet or phone will most probably be an exercise in frustration for you.

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