Den of Wolves – Roles Guide

Please note: While all effort will be made to assign players to the roles requested, circumstances may dictate role changes. This will only be done to ensure the playability of the game.

Vessel Crews

The majority of players in this game represent the crews of the various civilian vessels in the Survivor Fleet. Each team represents the crew of one vessel and is made up of a number of different roles. ​There are a few smaller, specialist vessels which will have a team size of 2 each, however, most vessels have a team size of 4, with the different roles as follows:


The captain leads and coordinates the team. Has responsibility for the vessel as a whole, and will be communicating and negotiating with other teams as needed.

First Officer

Acts as both a deputy to the captain, and has direct command over security units. Responsible for the vessel’s safety and security.

Chief Engineer

Directly responsible for the tasks that keep the vessel going. This includes both repairing any damage, and ensuring the vessel has enough resources to supply those aboard and keep the engines running.

Council Member

All of the people on each vessel are represented in the fleet’s Interstellar Council meetings by an official Council Member. The Council Member is responsible for representing the wants of their people and their team in the fleet’s government.

As mentioned above, there are a few smaller, specialist vessels that require only 2 person crews. These teams are made up of a captain and a relevant specialist.

There are also a few roles specific to the President of the Interstellar Council and their assistants, as well as the crew of the ICSS Aegis, the only known remaining battleship. These teams are structured differently from the above, due to the nature of their roles being quite different. The sizes of these teams are 3 and 5 people respectively.

News Media

The members of the Interstellar News Corporation reporting team will be learning of important events and broadcasting them to the rest of the game. The role of the News Media team is very significant. Information is at a premium, and everyone has a reputation they want to improve – and the News Media team has a great deal of control over both of these. This team is suited to between 3 and 5 players.


A small team of players will be helping to run the game and manage certain parts of the experience. The Control Team is effectively a team of GMs ensuring that the rules are applied properly and allowing players to interact with parts of the game that aren’t established by existing mechanics. This role is best suited to people who have attended a megagame before or who are familiar with this sort of responsibility. Please reach out directly to me through the contact form above if you are interested in being a member of Control.

Ships of the Survivor Fleet

The Star Alpha

This ship is home to the President and their small team.

The Icebreaker

As a large mining vessel, the Icebreaker is the survivor fleets source of strytium, the ore crucial to production of stytium fuel.

The Lucas

This research station re-supply vessels’ water production facilities are critical for the survival of the fleet.

Refinery 124

In addition to converting stytium ore to strytium fuel, Refinery 124 has taken on a significant civilian population since the Wolf attack.

The Salvador

Hopes are that the Salvador’s medical bays and supplies will never be needed by the survivor fleet.

The ICSS Aegis

The only known surviving military ship.

The Dione

As a huge luxury cruiser, the Dione has a large civilian population. It also hosts the newly formed Council for their regular deliberations.

The Shepherd

The Shepherd’s vast vat farms can produce significant amounts of food, if they have enough water.

The Quellon

This general purpose vessel is designed to support a wide range of missions including emergency response.

The Endeavour

As a research vessel, the Endeavour has some of the finest academic minds in the fleet.

The Vulcan

When the Wolf attached happened, the Vulcan was transporting a full complement of prisoners.

Splintered Realities