All things have a beginning

This may not be the beginning of this adventure, but it is getting the credit.


I have been kicking around this idea for about a year now… but, wait. Let me explain what this is first. I rather dislike it when people droll on assuming the reader knows what they are talking about.


One Shot Realms is about the intersection of the Savage Worlds role playing game (RPG) and one shot adventures.

Savage Worlds Fan!

Savage Worlds is a RPG that is setting agnostic, able to handle pretty much any sort of adventure with ease. Some say it is geared mainly to do “pulp” adventures. The motto, “Fast, Furious, Fun!” captures the flavor fairly well. For more on the rule set, visit the Pinnacle Entertainment Group web site. They even have some free stuff to introduce you to Savage Worlds.


One shot adventures are mini adventures designed for a party to complete in one session of three to four hours.


One Shot Realms will be publishing One Shots designed for the Savage World rule set exclusively. These will be in multiply genres with some sharing common universes. None will require any previous setting knowledge to run, play or enjoy. Some will build on the “history” provided by others. All will utilize Savage Worlds Deluxe and the official Companions. No other skills, edges, hindrances or special rules will be used. I’ll discuss the why of that later.


That is the core of what I will be doing here. I hope you enjoy One Shot Realms and look forward to hearing your tales of the table and feedback.


What do you think? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.




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