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On Trappings

One of the core concepts of Savage Worlds is Trappings. Like most things, Trappings are easy to understand, once you understand them. Until then, they can cause quite a few huhs?

They are really quite simple though. A Trapping is simply the color text that goes with a mechanic. The mechanics most often found to have trappings are character related, like skills. Trappings allow a mechanic to be utilized in many different genres with out changing how the mechanic functions. In some cases, the same mechanic can be used multiple ways in the same setting. All that changes is how the mechanic manifests itself story wise.

Still confused? That’s okay, it took me a bit to get my head firmly around Trappings. Now that I do, I see their genius in allowing Savage Worlds to be as flexible as it is. Jeff Carlsen over at Apathy Games has a good Primer on Trappings. You should go check it out.

I bring up Trappings for two reasons. First is to highlight the flexibility of Savage Worlds. When you only need to learn one mechanic, then vary how you describe it, allowing you to use it in different ways and settings, your life is much simpler. Second, Trappings are utilized in One Shot Realms adventures to vary the setting. Want to set the hostage rescue on an alien planet? Need to have it take place in modern day New York? Looking for it to happen in a fantasy setting? Just adjust the setting Trappings and you got it.


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